Saturday was miserable. Cold and wet and about as wet as winter throws at you in Sydney.
Training was on anyway. It always is. I may not be the best swimmer out there (or anything near it), but I can participate like nobody’s business!

Despite the miserable weather it was a great swim at Bondi. This year’s new full-length wetsuit may be a bit of a mission to get in and out of, but while I’m in the water I’m toasty, and the extra buoyancy seems to be doing my technique a bit of good.

Last week was ins-and-outs…some (finally) decent waves meant there was some pretty decent body surfing and I have finally been managing to get the bigger ones a bit more under control, so I was hanging out to try my hand again.

First, though, a longer swim. Coaches Kingy & Zoe split us into two groups (faster and slower) but each person was paired with a buddy in the opposite group. We started in the middle of the beach and headed out the back of the break. Once there, the faster swimmers headed north to the boat ramp and the slower (me!) south to icebergs. The idea was that the faster group would turn at the end and then try to catch their buddies, turning around when that happened. Turns out we weren’t as slow as we thought and made it all the way to the point and part of the way back.

My buddy was Jayne, and as I had my trusty waterproof Pentax, we managed a photo when we finally met up

Back in the middle of the bay we were given an option…swim across to the boat ramp, then back in to shore, or head directly in for some waves. I took the waves option (of course) and managed a few decent ones, but nothing compared to last Saturday or even Monday…they were easy enough to jump on, but didn’t have the power to take you all the way in. Still fun to have a bit of a play, and during events, when you’re stuffed near the finish line, little waves are often all you’ve got to bring you home, so practising with them is never wasted.

Cold showers (Waverly council, what’s with that?) and hot coffee with the troops topped off another stellar start to a Saturday!

Other photos from the day available on flikr.