Tuesday night training in the pool tonight with squad.

There want anything too new or exciting, but given I’m trying to get myself back into regular pool sessions after a little injury break (and the struggle to get back into it…a break is a dangerous thing for me) it was a good steady set.

There was one particularly pleasant surprise, though. I was heading down the stairs to the pool from the entrance with my regular training buddy Fiona, when I heard my name being called. Lo and behold, it was my sister Pia! This weekend is the MS Megaswim and I’m captaining a team (more on that to come), and Pia is part of the team, so has been trying to get in a few laps here and there to prepare. She’s a pretty good swimmer, and even did her first ocean swim race at the end of the summer season, but hasn’t done squad training before. Ever.

Our squad has a first-week-free policy, so with not much arm-twisting (she’s good like that), I introduced her to the coach and just like that she was set to do the session.

So the session went like this:

  1. Warm up – 500m with pull buoy
  2. 2 x 100m drill – 10 strokes normal, 2 strokes sighting
  3. 1 x 100m aerobic (swim hard) then 300m tempo (sustainable pace) on the clock (i.e. you have a certain time to complete each 100m. The quicker you swim, the longer you have resting before you start the net one.) Repeat 4 times.
  4. Warm down.

I was fine with the distance, but definitely off pace from what I can do when my training is a bit more regular than it has been. It’s a good winter set – a couple of fast laps to keep/build the aerobic fitness, and endurance training, pacing yourself and working on a consistent effort. Less of a focus on speed and race-fitness.

I swam in the slow lane. Fiona, who is pregnant, embarassingly lapped me at least once, and Pia was a bit quicker than me in the pool too. In my defence, both of them are younger and fitter than me! But seriously, I do this because I love it, certainly not because I’m particularly good at it. Mostly I was feeling pretty good about the fact that there were actually two swimmers there who were slower than me, so I wasn’t lagging behind in last place!