Well, being Australia and not the USA we didn’t have any fireworks for the fourth of July, but if there had been any shiny explosions in the sky I would have been able to see them at training last night.

Despite some decidedly wintry weather I fronted up for training an hour earlier than usual and out in the open under whatever stars might be visible at this time of year at Victoria Park outdoor pool. It was chilly, to say the least. Inauspiciously, the front desk of the pool had a sign up as I paid for my entry apologising for the fact that the pool temperature was lower than usual. Suffice it to say it was a bit of a mad dash from the side of the pool to disrobe and jump in.

Still, it was a cracking session once we were in and past the shock of the water acclimatisation period.

The set consisted of

  • a 200m warm up
  • a 100m kicking drill
  • 100m of 3-5-7 breathing
  • 100m of weaker-side breathing.
  • Then a pyramid swim with 15 seconds between each leg: 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m and then the same in reverse.

It was a pretty decent swim with a bit of stroke correction for me to work on my right-side breathing where I was favoring my dodgy shoulder a touch.

Finishing up involved a very quick dash out of the pool to collect our gear and then racing to the change rooms for a much-needed hot shower.

It may have been chilly at the start and the finish, and getting there earlier was challenging, but given a choice, I always prefer to exercise outside… Even in the cold and the rain.

I think I’ll be back next week…