You know how after last week’s Saturday training post, (and the week before for that matter)I may have gone on a bit about how gloriously clear the water was and how beautiful winter swims can be?

Well this week’s session blew them all out of the water!

I should do a bit of a build up, but it’s too exciting to wait….we swam with WHALES!!!

We were on a bit of a swim safari down the south end near Icebergs. We’d stopped to regroup when Jules got a bit excited and told us she’d seen a whale!

There was a bit of swell, and whales do spend time under the water in between breaching, so it was a minute or two before anyone believed her (and there may have been the odd implication that she was hallucinating). We were all treading water and looking out to sea.

I’ve seen whales off Bondi before (from the shore) so was looking out towards the horizon and looking for splashes.

And then, about 400m away a whale breached. All I saw was this massive whale belly. It was un. be. liev. a. ble.

There may have been some squeals of delight….and that was just the boys! We stopped swimming and just watched as it made its way across the bay.

It was a truly awe-inspiring and breathtaking experience, one I won’t forget in a hurry.

It was almost enough to make me forget how cold the water was…still sans wetsuit!

Whales at Bondi

Credit to Coach Zoe