Wedensday night it was off to Victoria Park pool for another Wednesday training session.

Despite struggling a bit for the session, it was quite an interesting one.

I was running pretty late and coach Zoe was talking to a walk-up who was obviously interested in joining, so I hopped in with the rest of the group who were already swimming and did a warm-up.

I think the rest of the group were doing a different drill while I did that, but I checked in and started on a one-arm drill.

This is a good one for building strength, and working on rotation and stability. There are a few variations, but we did one arm out in front (4 o’clock position so ahead but slightly below the water line) and breathing every one or two strokes. Up 50m one arm, then returning 50m the other arm.

The main set was alternating distances hard then easy. This is good for ocean swimmers to learn to push through and swim hard to get through the break, and then do an active recovery to settle into a pace for the rest of the race.

At the end of the session, Zoe had us do a fun exercise…each person to take off and swim as far as possible without taking a breath..then move to the side of the pool to see who made it the furthest.

I was a bit concerned given my past as a dirty smoker, but was actually quite happy with how far I managed to get. I suspect it may have had more to do with stubbornness than lung capacity, though.