I actually am hanging out for training tomorrow.

Can’t wait!

The surf is supposed to be big…2.5m forecast for 10am. It’s supposed to be a pretty reasonable day and I do get itchy to get back in some salt water by the end of the week, particularly a tough one!

And there’s another thing. I’m a pretty goal oriented person, so it does help me stay motivated when I’m trying to achieve something.

This winter the crew I’ve been training with have the Icebreaker challenge. To achieve Icebreaker status you need 20 points. The rules for accruing points are:

  • Points must be accrued between 21st June 2012 and 22nd September 2012 inclusive (winter solstice to spring equinox)
  • 4 points – newd ocean swim session or race (aka non-wetsuit)   
  • 2 points – ocean swim session or race in wetsuit   
  • 1 point  – Victoria Park pool swim session  
  • ? points – Coaches’ discretion for a sh*t day

I can’t take full credit, as the hole it my wetsuit has made swimming without it less optional, but I’m second on the table so far (only behind Coach Kingy), with 17 points (3 newd swims, 1 wettie swim, and 3 Wednesday night pool swims). My wetsuit returns to my loving arms on Monday so tomorrow will be another 4 points…which puts me across the line!

I don’t actually get anything for it, but I do like the sense of achievement. For a swimmer like me who is never going to see a podium (short of a Steven Bradbury type incident) it is good to know that I can set and achieve goals that are around participation instead of competition.

And I can participate like nobody’s business! Bring on the glory!