Yep, this post is a week late. The week somehow got away from me and all of a sudden I find myself a couple of training posts behind.

To make it easier on myself I thought I’d catch up by skipping training this weekend.

Ok, that’s a lie. Total fib. I did skip training, but it was nothing to do with keeping up with my posts. It was far more erm…self-inflicted. The truth is I had a work function on Friday night, and more than a glass or two of red were consumed. I have a strict rule about not alcohol and swimming not mixing, so I made a sensible decision (following a number of the less-sensible variety the night before) and skipped training.

I followed up with a boxing class on Sunday morning – I have boxed pretty regularly for the last couple of years as the group I train with operate in the park across the road from my house. Last semester they didn’t run a Sunday class, and the previous I was recovering from an injury, so it’s been a little while since I’ve been. We ended with a pretty brutal abs session, so karmically, the serious pain in my abs feels like ample punishment for skipping my Saturday swim.

Anyway, it does give me a chance to catch up on a post or two. I didn’t post anything about training on the 7th.

It was one of those nasty days. Dark and windy and the waves were pretty big and pretty messy. nasty enough to get all attendees an extra Icebreaker point. We did a good long winter set. nothing I haven’t written about on here before, so instead, I thought rather than repeat myself I’d wind this up and spend a little time on my tips for rough condition swimming.

Back to normal programming soon!