When I was a kid, our parents had some friends a town over had an indoor pool. God we loved it! On the special occasions we got to visit, we always had a ball and you couldn’t keep us out of that pool. So glamorous! They also had a downstairs bar with the walls lined with a collection of beer cans from around the world…so cosmopolitan!

On the door to the pool, there was a one of those signs, that as children we thought was hilarious.

Yup, the height of wit and sophisticated humour alright.

I was reminded of this the other day, when I came across a fairly forthright article on a rather, ahem, delicate topic.

Apparently, Ryan Lochte can pee in open water.

It had occurred to me that I may at some stage have to address this topic. It’s not one that comes up that often (although we did discuss at length what was going on with the girl at the MS megaswim doing the full 24 hours on her own).

I know for myself, that the nerves that go along with a race combined with trying to establish a good level of pre-race hydration can definitely make you feel like you need to go.

My best option is to try not to get into a situation where you have to face this decision. I make sure the last thing I do before putting on the swimmers and/or wetsuit is a trip to the ladies room. I recognise that nerves will make me think I want to go, but that it’s not really a physical thing. In race conditions, if I’m working hard enough I don’t tend to find I need to go as (unlike those Olympic Open Water Swimmers) I don’t go in races long enough to have a support drew and therefore don’t drink during the race itself and actually end up dehydrated towards the end.

I things really become necessary, my rules are:

  • Never in the pool. Our family friends will doubtless be relieved to hear it.
  • The ocean is ok, but not if someone is too close.
  • Not if I’m wearing a wetsuit. Dunno why, just seems icky to me.
  • In a race, only if I don’t have to stop. If  I don’t need to go bad enough to follow Ryan Lochte’s example (and it’s quite a tricky thing to do), I don’t need to go.

Such a charming topic, and possibly destined for the TMI file, but there you have it. Biology and bodily functions. Gee we got to this point faster than I expected!