Cough, cough, sniff, sniff…I’ve been laid low with the dreaded flu and have no swimming (or anything not involving coughing or blowing my nose) to report for the last week; hence the radio silence around here!

I did try to swim last Saturday….it was as sunny and flat as I’ve ever seen it. Truly “Lake Bondi”.

And nary a wave to be seen

Lake Bondi

Conditions Could not have been any more different from the previous week…..

Last week...

Last week…

The rest of the crew did the gorgeous swim from South Bondi to Tamarama around the heads and back and I’m a bit gutted to say I really wasn’t up to going along. I swam out to the point and the back along the rocks and sea-grass at the south end. It was quite lovely…lots of fishies and even a real life snorkeler in the wild! Not as good as a swim to Tamarama and back though.

I did, however, have my camera with me…and for a change I had the time to stop and take a few photos and Fiona and Terri who swam back with me were kind enough to act as models and everything! Click for a closer look

It was actually kind of fun to be able to take a bit of time to take some decent photos. Usually I’m swimming hard and trying to keep up with the pack so don’t have time to take photos of much but the basics or when we’re stopped. This gallery is kind of the first time I’ve felt like I’ve captured a little taste of what we see when we swim. For anyone interested, these are all straight out of the camera…not a touch of post-processing was needed!

Poor Ronene has also been left high and dry by her calf injury…although she’s been getting disapproving looks from me pretty regularly as she has refused to seek medical advice on the matter.

But the good news is that it looks as though both of us should make it back in the water tomorrow, and it looks like it should be a cracker of a day!

There have been reports of dolphins and even a random Manta Ray off Cronulla last week…so I have my fingers crossed.