Wow, another cracker of a day today….although not without its unique challenges…..

My cold and chest infection seem to have properly passed now…at least with the help of a final cold and flu tablet an hour before the swim, just to keep the snot levels under control!

Conditions were very similar to last week at the outset. Practically no waves, sunshine and crisp but not freezing water temperature.

We did a kind of unusual point to point…more like a “V” shape for the faster swimmers starting from the middle of the beach, diagonally to the south point, back to the middles, then repeat to the north point (with a bit of an adventure around the end for fun)..

For the slower amongst us, we took off directly from the south end of the beach and headed straight out to the point…exactly where we’d been the same time last week.

Soon we noticed something was quite different. It seemed, initially like there were clouds in the water that were like swimming through cellophane noodles! Longish, clear jelly-like things! Yup, something was up with the jellies. I tried doing a bit of research and I still don’t know what on earth was going on. The swarms were thicker in the shallower water over the rocks, and definitely thinned out in the colder currents, but that’s as much as I know. I don’t know what they were, or whether they drifted in or were spawning or what!

They weren’t stinging, so that was a bonus, but it was a little freaky at times. In amongst the clear jellies were some familiar looking bigger jellies, a bit of googling seems to identify as sea walnuts, and some really beautiful lacy small white round things that I have had no luck whatsoever at identifying.

Just goes to show that you never know just what you’re going to find week to week even swimming at a relatively small beach at the same time once a week. I’ve been doing ti for two years now, and I’ve literally never seen anything like it. It also makes you realise that whilst we often think of Bondi in a very urban, human sense a lot of the time, when you’re out there you realise that it is very far from being truly our domain.

They weren’t stinging or bothering us, but I was certainly making a pretty concerted effort to avoid accidentally swallowing any seawater and risking an mouthful of invertebrates. I’m a vegetarian after all! That being said, although I had my camera on me, I wasn’t feeling particularly inclined to stop swimming and take happy snaps in the middle of fields of jellyfish!

Later in the session we headed up to the North end of the beach and were frolicking jellyfish-free at the boat ramp, I did get another chance to take advantage of the amazing water clarity and stunning light (and a couple of new willing models) to work on my underwater photography technique. Plus Allison had a go too, to actually manage to get a few shots of me getting my mermaid on!

Check it out in the gallery below…..