If you’ve read about how I got here, you’ll know it started because of a fantastic program called CanToo, who help people with achieving their fitness goals while fundraising for Cure Cancer Australia.

Well, the good news is that registrations open today for the 2012 Can Too Swim program! There are a couple of exciting new locations and sessions on offer to give even more flexibility around people’s other commitments.

The even better news is that this year I will be acting as a mentor for one of the training groups! I’m really excited and sure that this will give me a whole new perspective on how to get started and what people want to know. I’ll be in the Wednesday 6.30 group training at the lovely, scenic, outdoor Andrew Boy Charlton Pool. Any old friends or interested newbies…get yourself signed up!

The bad news is that my eyes were accosted by a pantsless homeless man on my way to work this morning. I’m still recovering from the trauma!