Consistency is important in training. Last night was the first time I’ve done a proper pool session in two weeks thanks to this cold, and my god did I feel it.

Last time we did pacing drills I was easily keeping to my pace and feeling confident I could start shaving time off each 100m. Last night, I stayed on pace for the first 500m, and then could not get back to it for anything. I felt like I was giving it everything I had and I was still coming in at least 5 seconds under for each 100m!

It felt rough at the time, but I try to use the lesson in a positive way, to remind myself that the opposite can also be true for me – if I can train consistently, I will improve.

With a short rest before starting, and enough concerted effort to make me breathless and a little bit nauseous, I managed to come in under for my final 100m, though, so I still have faith that I might be able to shave some seconds off my time trial next week. Watch this space….