Another beautiful day for training on Saturday. We have been so lucky this year – the days where it’s been sub-optimal (a favourite phrase of one of our coaches) have been very few and far between.

I should be careful saying things like that!

Anyway, it was just lovely. I even found myself a little inspired to go sans-wetsuit! Based on the following factors:

  1. Water temperature was being reported as back above 18 degrees Celsius.
  2. I had to swim last weekend without a wetsuit to get my open water diving certification, and it felt great!
  3. The conditions were “lake Bondi” again, so body-surfing benefits were unlikely.
  4. I was feeling great after such a successful time trial on Wednesday and I really felt like I wanted to stretch out and swim with free shoulders…especially as I had a strong (and, as it turns out, well-founded) suspicion we would be doing a long swim.
  5. One of my friends was getting married Saturday afternoon, so I needed to leave a touch early to get home and get ready (it was a little way away from where I live) so the major production that is getting that super-tight try-suit on and off really didn’t seem worth it.

And it was everything I’d hoped! The water wasn’t too chilly, it was clear and a pleasure to swim in. I managed to not get left behind and I teamed up with Ronene and Allison and we swam together the whole way at a pace I was pretty happy with.

Other interesting stuff from Saturday training (since I seem to be in a listish kind of mood)…

  1. Allison, after a few questions and her own extensive research has invested in her very own underwater camera. She went with the Sony, so (she doesn’t know it yet, but) I’m going to see if i can get her to do a guest review for us. We took it for a bit of a spin on Saturday and it performed pretty nicely from what I could tell.
  2. Some pre- Festival of the Winds was happening down on the beach. Pretty spectacular kites! I’ll link to some photos (my new DSLR had its first Bondi outing) as soon as I get around to downloading, sorting and publishing them. Things are just a little on the over-committed side right now, but the photos turned out amazingly well so I’ll take the time to make sure I get them up.
  3. I’m loving that it seems to have hit the point where I’m not even considering the beach ugg boots. I’m sooooo looking forward to this summer. I can hardly wait!

And finally, I’d just like to recount a little anecdote from Saturday.

Pretty much half way across the bay between the north and south points, coach Zoe swam up to our little trio of swimmers. We stopped for a chat and a briefing. The following is pretty much what I remember of the conversation that happened there out the back:

Zoe: See those buoys there? Do you know what they are?

Ronene: Divers?

Zoe: No.

Allison: Ummm….something to do with shark nets?

Zoe: Yep.

Ronene: Soooo…we’re outside the nets.

Zoe: Yes. So, I’ll see you at the boat ramp then? *swims off. faster than I can ever hope to.

As much as I really have no issue with the fish-with-teeth, and I know it’s not really the right time of the year or the right time of day or the right conditions for them, and even if it was the chances would be crazily low on ever running into one, and even if I did it probably wouldn’t be a problem, and in all the swimming I’ve done I’ve never seen one, but…..

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t swim a tad faster across to the boat ramp. (And I don’t think was alone there!). Having the idea put in your head in those circumstances is kind of dastardly…especially in a sport where that inner voice gets more airplay than usual!

Zoe is a pretty amazing coach, and super-understanding and supportive. but she does have a pretty evil awesome sense of humour, and I have a hint of a suspicion that us swimming a bit faster may all have been part of the plan!

If you’re here looking for courage in the matter of man-vs-shark, might I suggest you check out this info-graphic that is far more informed and reasonable than this post!