Outside my ocean swimming adventures, I do actually hold down a real job. Occasionally my worlds do collide, though. Like this example of the analysis I threw together of our recent time trial results. Here it is for the nerds and mathematically inclined: proof that I’m better at numbers than swimming!

The first thing I noted was that 88% of people improved their times from TT2 to TT3, compared with 56% from TT 1 to TT2.

Using a weighted average, we improved by 4% overall, compared with 0.09% improvements in TT2.

I checked the correlations between % change in time against 3 things:

  • ·         The total number of training sessions attended between TT2 and TT3
  • ·         The total number of training sessions in the pool attended between TT2 and TT3
  • ·         The number of 4T sessions attended between TT2 and TT3

The most significant indicator was number of sessions (proving that consistent training is the key to success), then pool sessions, then 4T sessions. Only 4 people attended 4T sessions and did both time trials, however, so the sample size is a bit small for significant conclusions.

Our fastest swimmer was the outlier here, with highest percentage improvement to sessions attended ratio. Worth noting, though that this could be because she was the only person (again) who did their first 100m slower than their average 100m time…and the fastest person overall!

On that, we may not have exactly done what we intended there, but it was still a significant improvement. Weighted average (against total time) we were 7% faster on our first hundreds, but in the last time trial that number was 11%. The spread was also interesting










If we look at where around 2/3rds of the swimmers as the indicator, for TT2 we had 67% of swimmers between 9% and 12% faster on their first 100m. In comparison TT3 we 64% of swimmers between 3% and 8%….which is a fancy way of saying we weren’t as bad as last time!

In conclusion, whichever way you measure it, the improvements were significantly better than between TT1 and TT2. Well done to everyone for the hard work and well done to the coaches for coming up with a training plan that clearly works!