After the 4 week specific 4T Tuesday sessions were so successful, it seems they have been confirmed as continuing. This is great, except for the fact that my boxing class is also moving next term to Tuesday nights (or 6am Fridays). I know it falls under the hallowed auspices of #firstworldproblems but it is a choice I’m going to have to make at some point down the line.

This week, though, there was no clash. Work wasn’t too crazy, sunset is getting later and I was in a really optimistic state of mind.

After a good result with time trials last week, we were ready to start all over again with a new and improved pacing time.

I powered off, feeling great and ambitiously thought I’d round down to make my laps easier to calculate…it can be a touch tricky if you’re not on a 5-second mark, especially as you get towards the end of the session. I lose the ability to even count as I get tired, let alone calculate lap times!

We did 500m with 100m on new pace. That was fine. I was feeling great!I can feel myself getting a bit fitter and I’m finally over that stupid cold and it felt magnificent!

The second part of the set was 5 x 200m on the new pace.

I’m not sure quite what happened, but I think it’s called hitting the wall!!

I may have gone out a little ambitious…I certainly felt it at the end of the session (when I felt decidedly flushed in the face and out of breath) and then again the next day (sore in the shoulders!).

Thing is, though, I know myself well enough to know that I can push through it. Any new thing for me takes 2 weeks to condition. It’s like clockwork. If I stick at it, and keep pushing. I’ll get there…..