After the last time trial, Coach Zoe sent out a wrap-up from her perspective. I thought it was great, so have reproduced it below (with her gracious permission). Hope you enjoy as much as I did! 

4SEAsons Swim

My TT Story by Coach Zoe

My story starts here

On 20th June 2012 the first 500m Time Trial for the 4SEAsons Swim group, my result: 9min 05 sec. Average time per 100m: 1:49 – first 100m 1:40

On 1st August 2012 at the next 500m Time Trial my result was: 9min 05 sec. Average time per 100m 1:49 First 100m: 1:37

Uuumm – exactly the same time but even bigger blow up in the first 100m. I really believed that I would swim faster even though I had made NO changes to my training.


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein


On the drive home from swimming after the second time trial I thought what can I do differently to improve just a little bit next time, just 6 seconds faster would be good I thought. The obvious answer was to add a swim training session to my week and to focus on pacing, as clearly I was getting that very wrong. So a goal and pathway was forming in my mind;

  • Goal: swim 6 seconds faster over 500m at the next Time Trial in one month
  •  Plan: add 1 swim training session per week; focus on Time Trial pacing pace
  •  Action: Book a lane for Tuesday night and define the swim set
  •  Motivation: share the challenge with all the 4SEAsons Swimmers

 My training data shows some ups and downs

Aim: swim 20 x 100m on 1:49


Zoe lap times














Moment of Truth

After very sluggish training on Monday night I was not sure what to expect from the TT but I felt OK , I had good food and water on TT day. Ready to go.

On 5th September 500m Time Trial with 4SEAson swim results, 8min 47sec – Average time per 100m 1:45 – first 100m 1.40

 YIPPEE 17 second improvement

I’m not the fastest swimmer and this isn’t my best time ever, but I really enjoyed the feeling of specific training paying off. I set a short term specific goal, put in place a plan to help me achieve this goal and shared this goal and plan with other people to keep my motivation high. I also measured my performance and reflected on what was working and what I needed to change for next week.

Three key elements of motivation are; purpose, autonomy and mastery.

Zoë L

Triathlon Level 1 Coach

M. Applied Science (Psychology of Coaching)