If you’ve been checking out the great training program from the fabulous Ky Hurst, week 3 is now available. This week’s focus is on surging. This is something I’ve personally found really useful in races for different reasons.

I’ve used surging to quickly get past another swimmer. Particularly if they have a *ahem* creative stroke and are flailing or swinging wide or, worst of all, swimming breaststroke, that most heinous of ocean swim racing sins!

In contrast, another way I’ve used surging is to get out of the way. With different types of wave starts, and being a slower swimmer, most races see me with the vanguard of a different age and/or gender group coming up behind me, closing fast, and looking like they’ll happily swim right over the top of me to maintain their line. I’m not that competitive a person. Not enough to get into a fight with a big burly fast swimmer over a line, so I usually try to move slightly to the side and just get out of their way.

The last one is a tactical move. I frequently use a surge to catch up with or keep up with a slightly faster swimmer and see if I can get a bit of a draft. In this case it’s definitely worth extending the effort a touch to gain a bit of a boost and/or rest.

So there are my thoughts on why this skill is really useful for all ocean swimmers, even me!

If you’re looking for them, here’s week 1 and week 2