Tuesday was a pretty rough day at work. I’d had Monday off as it was my Birthday, and had a few people over for dinner and a movie night to celebrate. With all that, I was a day behind on work, and I’d possibly had several wines the night before. Not enough to really be a problem, just enough to make the day seem extra long.

I’d also had a big slice of the world’s craziest richest birthday cake….a Maltesers cheesecake!

Ridiculous baked Maltesers Cheesecake

Ridiculous baked Maltesers Cheesecake








Super delicious,but also just a touch guilt-inducing!

Enough to ensure I didn’t want to miss out on training.So I raced out of work and negotiated some gnarly traffic and made it to the pool just in time. I changed and headed out to the side of the pool….

To be informed that the pool was closed because lightning had been spotted. Apparently outdoor pools have a policy about when there’s lightning. Who would have thought?

So I got a refund on my pool entry and went home…and somehow got talked into takeaway pizza. Double fail!!!