Tuesday Training – we were light on for people so there was plenty of room in the lane. We did a straight up pacing set against the clock…..time trial 100m average time: Swim 100m. Rest 15 seconds. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat…….

Sounds simple, right?

Surprisingly gruelling. It’s a really tough job to do the following things:

  1. Hold yourself back in the first couple of laps
  2. Keep up on the last few laps
  3. Stay focussed enough to know what your pace is. Every lap. Without getting distracted by the voices in your head.

I’ve been feeling great in the water lately and about as fast as I’ve ever been (possibly faster), so decided I would make a really concerted effort to stay right on track.

First couple of laps were fine. I still can’t seem to ever get the first one right and was a touch fast, but then I settled into a rhythm.

About two-thirds through I was starting to feel it. My face was flushed (yes, you can definitely sweat when swimming if you swim hard enough) and my breathing was heavy at the end of each lap.

As the set progressed it was getting harder and harder. My shoulders were aching and I heard Coach Zoe speaking to one of the other swimmers as I finished a lap and stopped for my 15 second break…..

I think a few people might be coasting tonight. *pauses a second, then hears me* Except maybe Jacki. There’s a good bit of huffing and puffing!

And I was certainly puffing. I hammered it out til the end of the hour, fighting increasing discomfort and resorting to the mantra approach to staying on track…. “train hard, race easy. train hard, race easy. train hard, race easy”

So did I do it? Maintain my new and improved pace for the whole set? Well no. I lost it on the last 2x 100m. But you know what….that’s only 2 out of (ummm….lost count somewhere along the line….) somewhere between 15 and 20. Great progress and I’m more determined than ever to get there (and maybe faster again!).