It was a long weekend here in NSW and a bunch of the 4Seasons crew headed off North to Spring Training Camp. For those of us who were left behind (suffering from acute FOMO) for various reasons there was no scheduled training.

Not that we let that stop us!

Harnessing the power of Facebook, a sub-group of dedicated ocean swimmers decided to get together anyway and go for our own swim!

When we arrived at Bondi conditions were flat and cold. Cold enough that I resorted back to my wetsuit. After a few weeks without, it felt pretty toasty warm!

Given it was flat even out the back we decided to go on a little swim safari and swam to the North end boat ramp and then out and around Ben Buckler and into the deep water. I particularly like this swim – it’s rocky and there’s a lot of fish and things to see. It’s also hard to do most of the time as the waves get rough and can break pretty hard out there, so it was nice to take advantage of the conditions and go for an explore.

Once we were out pretty deep we decided to head back in, regroup again at the boat ramp and consider a point to point. When we got there, given the time and that I had other commitments in the afternoon I (and a couple of other swimmers in the same situation) decided to head half way and then in.

Which is what I started to do. Until I saw that there were some pretty nice looking waves breaking a bit earlier than I’d planned to turn in. I’m a sucker for a decent body-surf and haven’t really had much of that action lately, so I changed course and headed in.

I’m soooooo glad I did. The waves were amazing!!! They weren’t huge, but were breaking at the point on the sandbar where you could stand and throw yourself onto them, and they had this great power and forward momentum that meant you could ride these babies all the way into the sand! Most of the other swimmers came and joined me, and even a couple who weren’t particularly experienced with body-surfing managed to catch some of these killer waves. You could not get the grin off my face as we caught wave after wave after wave.

I could have happily stayed there all day, had I not jam-packed my weekend with other things to do (including a photography course and two dives), so I stayed in until the last possible moment, then headed off for the rest of my weekend with a smile on my face!