Wow. Post-long weekend craziness at work meant that despite my best intentions I didn’t make Tuesday training this week. I was at my desk working away when I realised time had gotten away from me and it was too late for me to make training. Very sad!

Still, next week should get easier – when daylight savings starts the pool will open later and the training timetable will be changing to include a later session on Tuesdays that will make getting there a lot easier.

Wednesday, though, I made sure I got there. I can’t say I had the best attitude about it as the long weekend work fallout was continuing, and I had a super-sore calf muscle (result of a nasty cramp while diving over the long weekend), but I always convince myself to go anyway with the logic that a half-assed workout is still better than no workout at all.

And of course it never really works out that way. It was a tough pacing session and I found myself focussing so hard on trying to keep my pace that all the cares of the day melted away. It was a kind of funny session as I found myself behind my friend Julie, who started swimming the same day I did (and has a Can Too Trivia Night coming up 1st November at the Harlequin in Pyrmont…quick plug!). She’s a bit quicker than me, but I found with a consistent effort and the effects of drafting, I was able to stay right on her feet for several of the 200m sets. I felt a bit bad about it, but there was no way I could possibly have passed her, and it was taking all I had to stay in that draft, so it was still a good workout and not at all a cruise for me. Same effort but much faster times! (wish that could happen more often…)

I may have been a bit slack on my tumble-turn resolution, though…I tried the first couple of laps, but there were several of us in the lane swimming very similar paces, and my turns are still somewhat lacking in coordination. After nearly taking out other swimmers a couple of times I decided to give it a rest tonight and focus on the main set. A concerted effort will be made next week to get back on track!