Wow, Bondi was messy on Saturday. Just when you think you’re out of the winter blues, spring throws a nasty one at you!

The waves were powerful, but lots of whitewater and a bit churny so weren’t as fun as last week for a body-surf.

There are a few things days like that are good for, however.

Firstly, they are a great cardio workout. No stopping, no faffing…just get on with it or you end up swimming backwards.

Secondly, they are great practice. The majority of the races over the summer season have pretty reasonable conditions, but some beaches and some days that’s a different story. Last year at Avalon….whew…I thought I was never going to get past the break! So training on days where it’s big and rough really prepare you for that. It can really give you an edge over swimmers who train only in pools or who skip training when the weather gets a bit bad.

Thirdly, you really need to concentrate. To avoid gobfulls of saltwater or getting dumped (or simply not being able to get any forward momentum), it takes concentration and all your rough water swimming skills. What you can’t do is over think things. Or worry about anything else in the world from the Syrian politics to what’s for lunch and everything in between. It’s a wonderful way to really clear your head.

Fourth….the coffee afterwards seems extra good!