After a week marooned on dry land, I was more than ready to be back in the sun and salty goodness at Bondi…and Bondi put on a cracker of a day to welcome me home! It was absolutely stunning…the sun was shining, the water was clear and blue (and warmer than it’s been in a good long while) and the tourists were out in force!

There were a few shore-breakers but it was basically flat out the back, so we started out with a medium-ling swim from the middle of the beach out the south head, then back again. We picked up some second-session starters (4SEASons has a second start time for people who do running training before they hit the beach), then jogged down to the North end. We caught the rip out to the North-end boat ramp and then headed diagonally back to the middle of the beach. We did some ins-and-outs for a big, catching a few of those waves. They were a nice size and you could catch a decent ride. There was certainly none of the rough and tumble of last week, but that didn’t mean the ride was without its own set of hazards.

The ocean may be big, but some days in some places, it can feel kind of crowded…we had to share Bondi (which isn’t exactly the biggest beach out there) on Saturday with:

  • The start of a surf ski race with the associated 164 starters, administrators, surf skis, briefing and start-line chaos
  • Regular surfers
  • Surf school
  • A bunch of tourists
  • A bunch of Sydney-siders who were taking advantage of the gorgeous weather with a day at the beach
  • Bondi fit, a different group that also does ocean swim training a bit later than us
  • Lots of fish, sand-rays and other sea-creatures

It was kinda crazy! In a couple of weeks as the weather heats up and the parking gets tougher we’ll start training earlier in the morning. Until then,  sharing the beach isn’t really too much of a trade-off for the glorious day’s swim.

And it was GOOOOD to be back in the water!