Apologies for anyone wondering what’s become of me! I threw my neck out last after last Saturday and have had great difficulty with both swimming and typing…neither of which is much good for keeping up regular posts on a blog.

A week’s rest, a trip to the osteo and some time off work have done wonders, however, and things seem to be back to normal programming. Hope you managed to talk amongst yourselves while I was gone!

It’s never any fun being injured, hurt or sick, but the idea of being out of action this close to the start of the season was not giving me happy thoughts. It’s funny to think, as I’m not naturally an athletic person, but I had a week off  all swim and boxing training and I felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin! these days I really can’t handle not exercising…it’s become so much a part of my routine I get seriously ansty if I can’t do it!

Ah well, despite what you want, sometime your body just needs rest. Luckily I’ve had mine now and am back in the water!