Wow. Time-trials crept up on me again! Of course, falling at the worst possible time after a week off training with a crickity neck….isn’t it always the way?

Of course with the inconsistent training and consciously taking it easy during the time-trial itself my time was less-than-stellar. I gained a dismal 12 seconds on my last time trial. Very annoying. Still, I reasoned that it’s better to have a bit of a rough time-trial than to push through and make anything worse at this point when the race season is just about to begin.

I am taking a lesson from this, though. It’s something it’s easy to forget both when things are going well, and if you’ve been a bit out of training for a bit. In fact it’s actually THE. MOST. IMPORTANT. THING. about the whole training malarkey.


No matter how hard you’re training, what skills you’re learning or technique you’re mastering, none of it means a damn thing if you aren’t doing it often enough for it to stick. The sad truth is that you lose fitness about twice as fast as you gain it.

In swimming, three times a week is pretty much a bare minimum for me to keep improving. If I do nothing, my conditioning will last about 2-3 weeks before I really find myself starting from scratch again. Once a week and I’m still going backwards. Twice a week, depending on intensity, will either just maintain or will have me slipping ever so slightly backwards week on week. Bear in mind that I also box around 1-2 times per week during the winter months, and that this training will ramp up substantially starting in a week or so when the season begins.

It sounds like a lot, I know. Until you remember that I freaking love swimming. If this felt like hard work all the time (obviously there’s always gonna be the odd day here and there) I’d never manage. As it is, I guess I’m lucky I’ve found something that I get such joy from that’s good for me as well.