It’s been a completely crazy week for me. I didn’t make Tuesday training due to work commitments (we had an Expo that day and after giving the same presentation 27 times I was pretty much shattered).

Then Wednesday, I also missed training, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a swimming story to tell.

Remember way back in August, I posted that I was really excited to be a Can Too Mentor?

Well, it’s kind of snuck up on me. Wednesday night was my first Can Too mentor meeting; full of useful information, contacts, ideas, scenarios, inspiration and general encouragement.

The new groups start next week, and at our location (Andrew Boy Charleton Pool) we are going to be huge…we’re completely booked out! Lucky I feel entirely and completely prepared. Oh, wait. Ummm….it’s lucky I ummmm welll. OK. It’s lucky I know the new swimmers are at least as nervous as I am, and that I have some brilliant people supporting me. Yeah that.

So all concerns aside, I’m actually pretty freaking excited. I can’t wait to meet the fantastic new intake and see them blossom from nervous young nippers to triumphant ocean swimmers (high praise from me) over the course of 14 weeks. I’ve met such fabulous people every program I’ve done that I can’t wait to see who my new friends are going to be this year.

Plus I’ll feel like a pretty good swimmer for about 3-4 weeks until all the new people get the hang of it and start overtaking. #wishiwaskidding

So despite all my hopes and fears, and the fact that I’m feeling simultaneously terrified completely prepared and not-even-slightly-ready, I’m sure it’s going to be a wild ride.

And I can’t wait!

Come along for the ride as I share my mentoring experiences with you, dear readers and fellow swimmers (including Ms Priceless and Fran who said nice things about being readers last night 🙂 Big Shout-outs to you both!) it’s going to be many things….and all of them amazing!

And feel free to sponsor me on my fundraising page, as I’ll be setting a few challenges of my own over the summer!