Wow! I’m exhausted but too elated to go to bed without just getting down on paper (virtual, ok) just how amazing tonight’s Can Too session was.

I turned up early to help Captain Bel carry in welcome packs for the whole group. That all went well, including the fact that my motorbike (which has sadly been in the shop for repairs for the last week) finally was done this morning so I could get there and home easily.

Then, as with any good drama, there was a bit of drama. Drama of the disaster movie kind, in fact.

Our pod is training at Andrew Boy Charleton pool. It’s a pretty amazing pool as it’s an outdoor pool, salt water, and a pretty spectacular view. Down-side is that outdoor pools are a bit vulnerable to the weather.

And the weather did this:

Storm over ABC

Storm over ABC

Yup, thunder black skies, pelting rain…and lightning. Lightning is a very bad thing at an outdoor pool….see how there’s nobody swimming in there? That’s because nobody was allowed to swim in there.

In addition to that, there was very little shelter. The amazing lifeguards were kind enough to offer us their office to keep our welcome packs dry, but we were feeling kind of nervous about the prospect of having 50+ swimmers rock up for their first night to stand in the rain and not be able to get into the pool at all.

Luckily, however, the weather gods were with us, and the storm passed right as the bulk of people started to arrive. Hooray! We could swim!!

There were a few familiar faces, a lot of nervous ones, and a lot of hustle and bustle as we got everyone organised and forms filled in. Then we did an introduction and a briefing with a bit from Captain Bel, me and my fellow mentors (Maddie and Erin) and the coaches, and then we were off and racing!

It was pretty bloody amazing. There was a real buzz in the air, and everyone seems so lovely and so excited to be there and there was a good mix of swimmers of different levels of experience, ability and confidence and I’m so excited to see everyone learn and develop and find out how awesome this whole swimming thing is.

The pool was pretty amazing, too. I haven’t actually swum there before. It’s in an amazing spot with a pretty spectacular view over the water. It’s also a salt water pool…very salty. It was kind of funny to be bobbing around in the extra buoyancy, but a bit of a shock to the system if you accidentally copped a mouthful!

So all in all, i’m calling pool session week 1 resounding success! I can’t wait to see where the rest of the program takes us!

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