Yes, you read that correctly…summer is here, Can Too Training throws out our normally scheduled programming, and a whole new routine starts from now. And it begins with the long-awaited return of the Friday night swim!!! Hooray!!!

Last year we did Friday night swims at Bondi and it fast became my very favourite swim of the week. I didn’t have my motorbike last summer, so I was only able to go when I could be assured of someone heading back in my direction (public transport options from Bondi Beach to where I live are pretty disgraceful, and involve at least 2 changes). This year, I’m hoping it will be a regular fixture as I can easily zip out of the city to Bondi, and get home in 15-20 minutes afterwards!

This Friday did not disappoint in any way. The weather was glorious…beautiful golden light, warm water, just a few little shore-breakers but nothing too messy in terms of waves, and a relaxed crew of smiling swimmers who also understand that there’s no competition when deciding between Friday night drinks and a Friday night swim.

There’s just something about it….after a hot and sticky week in the city (OK, so there was a crazy hailstorm at lunchtime, but it was still hot and sticky the rest of the time), there’s just nothing like washing of the dust and grime and the cares of the week with a swim. It signals the true end of the working week and the glorious beginning to the weekend!

I also didn’t have my underwater camera last year, and discovered that the evening golden hour light produced some magnificent swimming photos. I don’t have the files with me, so I’ll have to try to remember to add in a slideshow or similar soon, but they’re definitely worth checking out on my Flikr page as they’ll give a good idea of just how lovely it was.

edit: Here’s the slideshow…

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Friday night swims also seem to be a great opportunity for the patented coach Zoe swim safaris, where we go for a bit of an explore around the rocky grassy ends of Bondi to check out all the fish and rays and other interesting things to see, and this is exactly what we did this week (Yay!). The swim map tells the story…

Friday Night North End Swim Safari

Friday Night North End Swim Safari

Ah, just divine. Welcome back Friday night swims. I’ve missed you!!