Don’t worry you aren’t seeing double. I actually do have two different training posts for Saturday. That would be because I did two training sessions on Saturday.

Do you think that’s because I am…

  1. Starting to train for the Coogee to Bondi 5km event
  2. Wanting to spend my Can Too sessions focussing on being a good mentor, not on getting my own benefit out of the training
  3. Mental
  4. All of the above?

OK, I’ll admit to all of the above, but would like to point out that mental is all relative, and compared to what some people get up to with their swimming (like certain coaches who are coaching 2 Can Too sessions and a further 4SEASons session) and events doubling up really isn’t too far up there in the scheme of things, and certainly nothing I’m in any position to whinge about.

The hardest thing, to be honest, wasn’t the training itself, but the break between the two sessions. It was just long enough and the weather was just lousy enough that I let myself get pretty cold. I also had to watch all my new swimmers, and a bunch of old friends head off for coffee…while I hung around waiting for the next session…and basically just stopped long enough to make it feel a bit tough to get up and start again.

Still, I know that this is just another level of conditioning….when our Saturday sessions changed from 1 hour to 90 minutes, it seemed difficult for about 2 weeks before it started to feel normal again, and that sort of time-frame seems pretty standard to me for any sort of ramp up of training for any sort of physical activity. I’m hoping the pattern holds!

Once I moved past the fact that it was a little tough to get back in the water, it was a lot of fun. After hanging back and keeping an eye on the beginner group earlier, it was definitely nice to stretch out and have a solid swim and tackle a few decent waves.

We did a bit of a circuit…


Saturday Training LapsTry not to look too hard at how I obviously cut that corner a bit one round! Interestingly on the right hand side of the map, where there are two distinct and different entries, the safety crew and later Can Too group were set up right in the middle of those two entry zones, so it seems I wa pretty even in choosing whether to come in just before or just after them. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with the consistent and relatively (sort of) straight course!