Wow, my friend Flip, who is also a crazy ocean swimmer and mentor to a Can Too pod this year, posted a link to her fundraising page.

It moved me so much and articulated so beautifully exactly how I feel I had to ask her if I could share it. I’ve pasted in the text below, but please go click on this link and sponsor her!!!

Here’s what I believe…

I believe that swimming is hard.

I believe that learning to ignore that voice in your head, that says “you can’t do this” or “I can’t swim that far” is one of the hardest things to do. 

But I believe that swimming with Can Too is all about tackling that voice head on – and using the power of positive thinking and the support of the group to tell that voice where to go.

I believe that nothing compares to swimming in the ocean on a beautiful day with big fun waves and clear visibility.

But I believe you feel more proud of yourself when you take on the ocean on a horrible day, when the waves seem scary and the water looks dark and feels cold.

 I believe that we will find a cure for cancer.

 But I believe that the research funded by Can Too is going to be part of that answer.

 I believe that the genius idea sparked off in a young researcher, the hours of work and late nights spent in a lab and the dedication of a whole team of people working together to solve a common problem and achieve the same goal will be the way that this cure will come about.

If you believe in any of these things, and would like to donate to Cure Cancer Australia, then please click on the donate button to the right – any amount will be so very gratefully received. 

Beautifully said, Flip.