Wednesday saw the second week of Can Too training at ABC pool. The weather was kinder to us this week (just) and we were only faced with grey skies and a bit of drizzle…admittedly a vast improvement on thunder and lightning, but a bit of a break from the weather gods might be nice at some point!

Luckily, though this pod of ocean swimmers in the making seems brave and hardy on not to be out off by a bit of dodgy weather! Great to see the positive attitude already starting to shine through.

The coaches once again put up a good set, appropriate for week two but challenging enough to start people getting their fitness up and getting used to swimming a bit of distance.

I find with me, every time I add to my training routine, either distance, time or intensity, it takes about 2 weeks until I start feeling like I’m making progress, so I’m looking forward to hitting that point where people are past the “new and scared” and heading into “proud and amazed” territory.

So fingers crossed for some decent weather ahead!

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