Woo Hoo! Finally some sunshine!! Yep, the weather finally decided to behave itself and shine some light on our Can Too Heroes.

In addition, we had an impressive visitor watching over our training…


It was another great swim session. Our main set was “pyramids”, increasing distance by 50m up to a max, and then decreasing back down again. Slowly increasing the distance swum and endurance for all the swimmers. It’s really amazing to see people starting to improve and gain confidence and starting to see them blossom into ocean swimmers!

We had a few firsts this week, too!

  • First fundraising stars! Well done to Chad (Ronene’s brother, who I’m so proud of for doing soooo well!), and John on an amazing effort getting their fundraising out of the way so early! Now they can give all their focus to the swimming side of the challenge!
  • First guest speaker…an amazingly positive and motivating cancer survivor, who astounded us with his great attitude, reminded us why we are doing this, and inspired us with his resilience in the face of adversity.
  • First nice day for training!

Next week will be a good one…time trials and our first pub night! Can’t wait to have a chat and get to know a few more people socially!

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