Time trials this week again. They seem to come around so quickly!

Still, I was feeling OK about this one, because

  1. I’ve done the work. I’ve been training hard and training consistently.
  2. I’m feeling good in the water, fit, strong and confident.
  3. I didn’t have too much time to think myself out of it…I was on two day’s work training and went straight to the time trial. No time to get nervous and psych myself out.
  4. Last TT was a bit of a disaster as I was still recovering from a nasty neck crick (technical term!) which hindered my training and my technique. I was unlikely to swim that slow again, so I had nothing to lose.

So how did I go?

Definitely not as bad as last time…..

and 5 seconds quicker than the time before!!


Consistency really is key. Training Works. No magic solutions, no secret arcane knowledge, just straight up hard work.