Finally! We had some amazing weather for the Can Too beach session this week. Just glorious. So good that I’m going to put the photos up first!


What a day! Clear water, small rolling waves and sunshine!!! It was great to see such big smiles and people finally getting the idea of how glorious ocean swimming can be!

I swam with the intermediate group and we were focussed on sighting and swimming straight. Definitely something I still struggle with and that can make such a big difference to a swim. For my personal hints and tips on this topic, I did write a two-parter post on this exact thing recently. You can find part one here and part 2 here.

We finished up with an exercise that I think is really fun as well as a good for developing sighting skills. For this to really work, it’s best to have a board paddler and one of our amazing water safety volunteers (who are awesome, btw) took up the challenge.

The point of the exercise is to swim towards the board. Sounds simple? Well it would be if the paddler didn’t keep moving around! It ends up being quite fun and feels a lot like being part of a school of fish as we zig and zag and collectively change direction in the water! I’m reasonably certain the paddlers have a bit of fun doing it too, herding the swimmers around in circles like sheep!

It was a little chaotic…but isn’t that one of the joys of swimming in the ocean instead of the pool??