Week one.

Miscalculated the weather and wore a maxi sundress. Plus jeans and motorbike jacket and boots for the ride. Ended up wearing all of the above.

Week two.

Had a presentation at work for which I wore a kind of fancy dark blue wrap dress and heels. Discarded the heels, added waterproof motorcycle pants, motorcycle jacket, and boots. Factor in make-up (not waterproof) apres swim & goggles.

Week 3.

Super hot weather today, so wore a jersey knit short sleeved bright green top and brown knee-length flowy skirt for work with sandals. Add to that 3/4 pants (to protect my knees and insure against my skirt flying up unexpectedly), motorcycle jacket and boots.

Upsize all 3 with post-swim short hair, headbands, my crazy flouro sparkly motorbike helmet, and it’s possible I’m creating my own fashion trend. I’m extra fashion forward. Like Dr Who!

love the Friday swims, but the combination of having to dress for work, get to the beach on a motorbike (safely), cope with the weather, and get home post swim is ending up with me combining more than one outfit at once. Or parts thereof.

I strongly suspect myself of committing crimes against fashion.