Whew, what a scorcher! The weekend here was forecast to be a heat wave, and the first official day of summer didn’t disappoint.

It was actually kind of strange, overcast, threatening to rain, but hot and humid. It made the water seem cooler and it was kind of weird to stand up out of the water and feel like you were emerging in front of a hairdryer!

I swam with the intermediate group to keep an eye on as many of my mentees as possible. It’s pretty amazing to see how far some of them have come already. From finally having the confidence to ditch the wetsuit, to diving in without panicking, to really getting in and starting to swim faster, to working out how to swim in a group with arms and legs flailing everywhere. Sadly (for me…good for them) I’m starting see some of the naturals taking off and already swimming faster than me!

As a consequence we’re starting to swim further and faster at training and it’s definitely starting to feel like a workout! We did the “chase the board-rider” sighting drill again this week, herded like a school of fish!

Unfortunately no photos this week after the Pentax leakage debacle of Friday night. Luckily Saturday afternoon consisted of a trip to the camera store and a bit of a new purchase, so there are plenty more photos in the future.