Swimming itself has been around probably asking as people have needed to cross rivers and stay above water if they fell in. Open water swimming as we know it is generally credited to Lord Byron Swimming the Dardanelles in 1810

Just because its been around a while, doesn’t mean that all the joys of modern technology have no place in the sport. Far from it, in fact.

There are a couple of categories of technology that are particularly useful for me in ocean swimming.

First category is weather technology. The weather is super important because of how it affects conditions in the water. I have the Surf-forecast website bookmarked at Bondi, and use it for advance warning on race conditions at other beaches. iPhone apps I find useful are Hurley Surf for real-time condition information including regular photo and video updates, and Magic Seaweed for info on patrols and hazards.

The second category is tracking. This mainly refers to sports watches that I’ve written a bit about before. Garmin and Swimovate are big players in this field for. GPS, lap timing, and tri watches.

The third category is for just one website. It’s Oceanswims and pretty much all the races I do are on there with a planning calendar, race information, maps, links to individual race websites, race entries and race results. What more could you want?

Then we have the category of ordering kit online. Wiggle is usually my go-to, but eBay, Surfstitch, Amazon and Funkita have all seen me with items in my shopping cart from time to time.

The last category is social networking. I use Facebook extensively for organising and connecting with other swimmers. 4SEASons runs pretty much everything out of the Facebook page, including event planning for races. I’m reasonably new to Twitter but I do follow a few elite swimmers, in the hope that some magical tweet will prove the key to all of a sudden turning into a gun swimmer. I also follow @BeachwatchNSW for updates on ocean quality.

Oh, I may have missed something. like, say, this blog! Including this post that I’m writing on my phone whilst waiting for a bus. How technological is that! I also follow a few other swimmer blogs and the Daily News of Open Water Swimming for plenty of inspiration.