I didn’t make Monday night at Clovelly (again!) due to a Can Too mentor meeting. Next week it will take wild horses to keep me away!

Instead I went to the endurance session at Victoria park. It was kind of funny as I’ve been swimming in salt water for the last couple of weeks and being back in chlorine was kind of weird. Still, it was good to be stretching out and having a good distance swim. Definitely what I need if I’m planning on trying to step up to the Coogee to Bondi 5km in April.It’s always such a balance between technique, beach skills, fitness, interval training, and keeping the sense of joy in swimming.

Coach Kingy introduced this set as a “pyramid” set. I’ve written about pyramid sets before, and they’re usually pretty standard, varying only in how far it is to the top of the pyramid. Tuesday, however, Coach Kingy mixed it up a bit, and may have invented swimming’s first “Mayan Pyramid” drill.

mayan pyramid

mayan pyramid

See the similarity?