One of the things I struggle with on here is to really try to give a sense of what it’s really like in the water. It’s such a multi-sensory thing and so different every time. The way it looks, the way it feels, what it’s like to try to breathe when it feels like you’re in a washing machine, the perpetual taste of salt, the sudden quiet and focus when you dive under the first wave of the day…and so much more.

I usually use a lot of words to try to describe it, but this week, there was a confluence of events such as feeling a bit ill all week, having a relatively new camera (spoiler on the review – it’s awesome!) and not really feeling up to doing a full training session on Wednesday. So, the upshot is, I took a lot of photos at training with my new camera, figured out some new shooting techniques, and finally felt like I at least managed to capture some sort of essence of what a good pool session actually looks like.

So…what’s it really like? Hard to describe. What’s a pool session look like to a swimmer…maybe something like this: