I went back to work on Thursday after such a beautiful couple of weeks off. It wasn’t pretty. There’s something about heading back to the office when you’ve had a couple of weeks of freedom, particularly when the sun is still shining outside, that makes it super-tough those first couple of days back.

Luckily there are Friday night swims to soothe my soul and revive my spirit, and Friday’s swim was a glorious example of just how lovely they can be.

The weather was divine and the beach was packed with holiday-makers. The 4SEASons crew put on a great turn-out and we made for quite a sight weaving  through the crowds, and straight out the back and across to the boat ramp.

Once out there, with the sunshine and the water pretty flat, there seemed only one thing for it – point to point of course!

We set off across the bay and it was a pretty lovely swim. It was so nice to be back in the salt water and stretching out to swim across the bay.

The only real challenge of the day was the combination of the weather and the time of year on the way over. Sighting was particularly challenging as we were swimming into this:


Just a little bit of glare!


Just a little bit of glare!

 We struggled along, sighting as well as we could. Luckily for us there was some sort of event on at Bondi Icebergs (polo, I think?) so as we got closer we were able to follow the sound of the brass band.

Quite possibly the first time I’ve ever sighted by listening!