Ahhh…I made it to Monday training at Clovelly this week and it was completely worth it. It was the end of one of those long summer days when plenty of people are still stretching out their holidays and spending time at the beach, so it was way more crowded than I’ve ever seen before!

It had its benefits, though. The sun was well and truly beaming and getting down into the water so you could see more than usual…and there was plenty to see!

The highlight was a Wobbegong Shark (not usually the bitey kind…unless you pull their tails!) which was unfortunately a bit deep to photograph, and then there were plenty of blue gropers include on big grandaddy one who was enormous!

I have to admit, I may have slacked off on training too hard for a bit as I was seriously tempted by the photo opportunities of all the fishies, and distracted by the sheer joy of being out there swimming in such a beautiful spot on such a gorgeous day!

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