This was Sydney on Friday.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 8.59.51 PM

Read aaaaalllllll the way to the bottom. Yup, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, That says 45.8. Celsius. Or a smidgen over 115 degrees Fahrenheit if you’re from one of those logic-resistant places. So regardless of whatever measurement system you use, the laymen’s term for the weather is “hot as hell”. It was an all-time record for Sydney and the hottest I’ve experienced (if you include the humidity factor) since a beyond crazy couple of days I spent back in ’94 in Namibia…but that’s another story…possibly one I should share at some point because there were a whole lot of swims in the time I spent there and I’m sure they’re at least somewhat relevant to this blog. Not Quite Nemo: The Formative Years, perhaps.

It was hot. Hot it was. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Sorry..the temperature addled my mind for a bit. When It’s that hot it’s a bit hard to focus properly on anything else. All you know is that it’s hot. Really, really, indescribably hot.

Days like this are just made for swimming though. There was a pretty decent turn out of 4SEASons swimmers and plenty of punters on the beach.

The water was refreshingly cool, and the temperature had already started dropping into a cool change in the evening, so the swim was even more heavenly than usual. We headed up the North end and did some ins and outs using some pretty impressive inflatable watercraft as markers…trying not to get too distracted by the beer-toting occupants!

It was kind of strange to be swimming and inhaling these breaths of such hot air, though. Kind of like if you were sucking on the end of a hairdryer. Or how I imagine that would be…not something I actually recommend you try!

Ahhhh, thank goodness for beaches and swimming. Made a crazy situation into a joy.