The eve of a long weekend, One of Australia’s most hallowed and revered.

The weather? Divine. Hot, but not stinking hot. Not horridly humid. Just right.

And I’ve been sick on and off for a couple of weeks now. Boo! 😦 So I decided to act like a grown up and take myself off to the doctor. Well…a new diagnosis (you mean self-diagnosis isn’t the way to go? who new?) and new drugs, and within a couple of hours I felt a million times better. By the end of the day I was even ready to leave he house and try a bit of a dip. Salt water helps cure what ails you, right?

Seems it was true. I wasn’t quite sure how I’d go, but the cool of the water and the weightlessness made me feel better than I had for a while.

It wasn’t a big set, but the water was super, super crystal clear and there were just fish everywhere, Not big ones, but the tiny little stripy ones, and silvery shimmery garfish swimming in formation near the surface, parting without a care in the world and dividing into smaller schools as the swimmers passed.

There were families and snorkelers and surfers and swimmers, and the joy of feeling so good after really not for a bit. We did a north end swim safari out to the point and then back along the rocks. And I have never ever ever seen so many fish. They must have been gearing up for a long weekend too!

There was bit of shortage of slower swimmers there, and lord know i wasn’t really feeling up to pushing things too hard, so I really swam for the joy of it. Seems I wasn’t the only one…as I spotted one Coach Kingy diving down to frolic and have a look at the natural aquarium…on more than one occasion!

It really was Bondi at it’s best and finest.


What a privilege it is to live somewhere I get to do this. All the time!

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