This morning I woke up and found myself with an ear worm.
I had Chris De Burgh’s 1983 single “Don’t Pay the Ferryman” stuck in my head through breakfast and all the way to work.

A funny thought occurred to me though, in my pre-coffee state: That whole sing is a lot less ominous if you’re reasonably certain you’d be able to swim to sure if that creepy ferryman goes all 80s horror movie on you.

In case you needed another reason to take up swimming.

Of course it didn’t stop me looking up the original music video (that eluded me by amazingly not being on YouTube).

YouTube is such a funny place, though. It’s like venturing down a rabbit hole. While looking for the original, I found the updated version on Youtube that really raises only one question: Why?

Again. Why???? For the love of all that’s holy, why???

And then I realised why. It lead me to my personal favourite….probably because I almost certainly watched this when it originally aired as I would have pretty much sold my Barbie dolls (OK, they weren’t really Barbies’ but they were kind of the same), my Trixie Belden collection and my innocent soul to be a member of the Young Talent Team back them. Possibly because of this.

And now I’m kind of scared again. Tina Arena in a skull mask will do that.

So….1/10 for relevant content? OK, spurious link to ocean swimming, but tell me you aren’t singing along now….