I hadn’t been to a Tuesday endurance set since before Christmas. I think I was a bit scared…those sets can be kind of brutal.

Time to put on the big-girl-pants, though. Harden up and get back to it. For me, nothing works better at improving my speed and fitness.

Big Girl Pnats

Big Girl Pants


Funny, though, how sometimes you can surprise yourself. I’ve been swimming quite a lot this summer. Not as much as I’d like, and some of it has been kind of focussed on other people’s progress instead of my own (no complaints, mind you…loved every second of it). On the other hand, I’ve been focussing pretty hard on a small change to my stroke, have been staying very active, not drinking too much, and eating well. And it seems, on the balance I’ve come out ahead.

We were doing sets trying to stay consistent, and keep to our lat time-trial 100m average times. Pacing, as it were. Thing is, after the first 100m i looked at my watch and realised there was no way I was going to be able to swim at my time trial pace. I was going way faster!

I did a reasonable job of keeping to a consistent time for my laps. Well, apart from a random one I suspect was more due to my inability to use my watch properly rather than one super-slow The good news is my new 100m time is a good 8 seconds faster than it was in November.

Who’d have thunk it? Apparently all this training actually works!

Would it be wrong for me to be thinking I’d quite like to do a time-trial right now?

As a little aside; as proud of myself as I was, it was incredibly impressive to see Fiona back at training a mere 6 weeks after giving birth to the super-cute Lachlan! She’s always been an inspiration (she’s the one who got me started on this whole swimming thing in the first place) and she outdid herself this time!