I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….Friday night swims are my favorite swims. We generally have a big weekend ahead of us, with at least one session (sometimes 2 or 3) on a Saturday, and most of the time a race on Sunday, so there’s no real reason to go too hard with things. It’s just an opportunity draw a line in the (literal!) sand of the week and let the weekend begin!

These swims, more than any others in the week, are about the sheer joy of swimming.

The perfect time to invite someone along to show them how and why we do it!

This week I invited along someone very special. 20 years ago I finished high school…and at that time I had a lovey friend call Penny T. As sometimes happens when everyone heads off in their own directions after finishing school, we lost touch. Then, a couple of weeks ago, due to the magic of Facebook, a little effort, and a change encounter in the Bondi surf, Penny popped up in my life again…visiting Bondi for a holiday from Darwin, where she now lives.

And somehow, good sort that she is, Penny let me talk her into coming along for a Friday night swim!

Penny & Jacki - a 20 year reunion!

Penny & Jacki – a 20 year reunion!

Luckily, Bondi put on its best for her….gorgeous conditions, the supportive, non-competitive environment of 4SEASons swim, and a little bit of a wildlife treat….a Wobbegong!

Wobbegong - watch out...shark about!

Wobbegong – watch out…shark about!

Sorry - the joys of trying to photograph a moving subject whilst in the waves...

Sorry – the joys of trying to photograph a moving subject whilst in the waves…

This was quite a treat…out near the open sand of Bondi. I’ve seen these guys diving before, and once at rocky Clovelly, but usually they like to hide under rock ledges and you only get a glimpse. This one was up and about swimming around in relatively shallow water.

The other joy that Bondi provided on Friday were some bloody beautiful body-surfing waves. Armed with a replacement camera, and a friend to take a few shots, I once have photographic proof that I can, indeed, catch a wave!

Look at me go!

Look at me go!

Just glorious!

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 1.01.35 AM just a fraction under 2km all up…including warm up and ins n outs at the end.