Ah, ocean swimming, my passion, my joy and keeper of my sanity.

I love it so much, and think that if everyone did it the world would be a happier place 🙂

But how do you get started if you don’t already do it?

You can read my personal story over at my How did I get here?” page but the short version of the story is that there are a few different ways the people I swim with have gotten into it.

  1. Can Too Swim programs seem to be a pretty big part of it. It’s how I started and a lot of my friends  There’s a lot of crossover here in Sydney with coaches and captains and mentors and water safety people involved in the Can Too Programs, but also in more regular swimming groups. It’s a well structured program that begins with the basics and builds up skills and confidence to the end point of a goal race…and is definitely enough for many, many people to catch the swimming bug!
  2. Follow on programs from Can Too. This year 4SEASons is offering the 4SEASons 8 week Coogee Wedding Cake Island Swim Program that starts this week. If you’re reading this and thinking you’ve missed out on Can Too but would like to start now…here’s your chance! I cannot recommend this group highly enough for anyone who is or wants to be an ocean swimmer.
  3. Friends of friends. Goodness knows there is enough to chatter about with ocean swimming, and if you get a few of us together out of the water the excitement can be contagious. I’ve certainly roped at least one sister and a few friends into giving it a go…and nobody has regretted it yet!
  4. Some swimmers have been involved in the sport forever, too…they may have lived by the beach growing up and/or been involved in Nippers, or surf lifesaving or swim squad at school. You can always tell these people as they seem to take to the sport like….well….a fish to water!

So there are plenty of paths to the water! If you’re thinking about it, you should do it!