Last Wednesday was technique training again. As we did the drills I was concentrating on each part of the drill and making sure I was focussed on the individual skills and movements involved.

Then coach Kingy picked up that I was not following my catch all the way through to my leg. Remember that resolution from a short 3 weeks ago? About operation thumbs up? I was totally not doing that.

It’s pretty tough, getting your stroke right. When you really break it down there so many different ways you can do every part of your stroke and it’s just not possible to focus on all of them at the same time, let alone while you’re trying to keep your swimming relaxed!

So how do you improve then? I personally feel it’s a a case of embedding. You do something over and over again, in this case using the drills to focus on one little thing at a time. Eventually you’re doing things more the correct way than the incorrect way, and then that becomes the habit or the muscle memory.

I’ve been pretty happy with my times improving recently, and I know that this embedding is a big part of why consistent training works…that, and increased fitness. You need to keep doing things the right way in training until they just become the way you naturally do them all the time!

Sounds simple, right? well I guess I have to keep up the practice on operation thumbs up because it’s clearly not yet part of my natural stroke. More embedding on the horizon for me!