After writing the post about Jessie’s experiences at Saturday’s training, I checked in with Jessie before publishing to make sure I had it right and that she was ok with her experience being put out there into the universe (OK, the internet, but it’s kind of the same).
Her response was so great I thought it deserved its own post! So here it is…..
[I’m] happy for others to learn from my experience!
Thanks for being so nice about it, and thanks again for your help!!
If you want to add something from me I think the main thing I learnt is was to swim to how you’re feeling in the day.
I got pretty cocky with the big waves given that I grew up swimming on the surf coast in winter. I figured nothing Bondi could throw at me would be worse than Bells Beach in July.
BUT, I wasn’t feeling 100% on Saturday [and]wasn’t as comfortable in the water as I am normally, in hindsight I should have played it safer.
Did milk it for all it was worth on Saturday night though, by the end of the night the waves where 30ft, I was under for 2 minutes and you were aided in my rescue by some pro surfers paddling past.