Never let it be said that I don’t do things wholeheartedly.

After the decision on Friday to call a personal end to the travel, bad weather, general laziness and minor illnesses that have kept me from training (and racing) as much as I’d like, I have been back to training. 3 times in 24 hours. As you do.

After a very odd Friday swim, I made it for the double dose on Saturday morning. The water was still definitely on the chilly side, but didn’t seem quite as bad as the night before.

The first session was a lovely point to point…just what you need when the water is flat and you need to keep moving to stay warm. It was crystal clear and the water was a beautiful emerald green…nicely offsetting my hands as they got wrinklier and whiter in the cold!



On the beach it was lovely, though…sun shining as we finally got some decent weather on a weekend.



Something our coaches took full advantage of…

4SEASons Conference meeting centre location ever!

4SEASons Conference Rooms….best meeting centre location ever!






Plenty of these guys around….always is. Polarised goggles are the key to being able to spot all the interesting things down on the bottom and swimming around.




All in all a particularly lovely (if chilly) day to return to the my Saturday double ups.

It also helped that the first session was a point to point, and then by the second session some helpful person had put out a couple of cans.

Since you should never pass up the opportunity to train with a real marker to swim around, we did circuits out and around. Nice to have something different for the second session!